CERFO-CIMMI pavilion


CERFO-CIMMI pavilion

Located on an irregularly shaped and steeply sloping site, the CERFO-CIMMI multifunctional administration building houses, under one roof, both the CERFO (Centre d’enseignement et de recherche en foresterie) and the CIMMI (Centre en imagerie numérique et médias interactifs). The building is configured to optimise all available construction space on the site. The height difference between the main façade and the rear of the building facing the Cégep was addressed by creating a second main façade on the garden level, which features a public square in a hollowed-out area within the site. A maximum number of mature trees were protected throughout the work. These elements resulted in the pavilion’s excellent integration into its built and natural environment. As well as being designed in accordance with the best principles of sustainable development, the building features a hybrid wood and concrete structure and all the exterior cladding is made of wood.

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Cégep Ste-Foy, Quebec City, Canada


Offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, computer labs, workshop

Architecture, interior design

1,200 m2

CCM2 (Architects, in consortium)

Stéphane Groleau


  • Prix CECOBOIS Awards, finalist, 2018
  • Mérite d’architecture de la Ville de Québec Award, finalist, 2018

 CERFO-CIMMI pavilion
 CERFO-CIMMI pavilion
 CERFO-CIMMI pavilion

The construction budget of $3.3M was respected. In addition to carefully coordinating the integration of the wooden structure into the other components of the building, Jonathan Bisson attended all the design, coordination and site meetings in order to ensure the coherence of the final overall construction.

 CERFO-CIMMI pavilion
 CERFO-CIMMI pavilion
 CERFO-CIMMI pavilion