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Humaniti Québec

Humaniti Québec places the human experience at the heart of its concerns. The project’s design will foster healthy living and public and active transportation through its urban integration and the implementation of a structured public transport network in the area. Inspired by Quebec City’s roots, this vertical community project will offer a carefully thought-out living environment in the city on the site of the former Auberge des Gouverneurs hotel, at the intersection of Boulevard Laurier and Avenue de Lavigerie. The real estate complex is part of the City of Quebec’s Vision d’habitation 2020-2030 and will consist of four mixed-use and connected buildings offering an innovative human experience.

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Quebec City

2020 (Studies, ongoing)

Cogir Real Estate

200-room hotel, 1,151 rental units, 453 condominiums, 22,335 ft2 of commercial space and 291,476 ft2 of office space.


190,000 m2

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Humaniti Québec - Circum Architecture
Humaniti Québec - Circum Architecture

To offer a living environment with a positive impact, the project is seeking to be certified LEED and WELL. While LEED certification mainly focuses on meeting high energy and environmental performance targets, WELL certification is about establishing guidelines to also include the health and welfare of occupants. Through this second certification, considerable attention was paid to the various components that shape a nurturing, soothing and stimulating living environment.

Humaniti Québec - Circum Architecture